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DRUJBA is always a good idea

From March 16 to 18, 2024, the city of Anapa will host the II qualifying stage of the World Children's Games "Drujba".

This event promises to be very interesting, because the participants of this stage, in addition to the regions of Russia, Abkhazia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, will be young athletes from Mariupol.

Children's Games "Friendship" is a great platform for the development of sports potential of children from different countries, as well as for strengthening international sports ties. This is a unique event where children have an opportunity to show their sporting talents, get acquainted with their peers from other countries and exchange experience.

Anapa, located on the southern coast of Russia, attracts with its warm climate and beautiful beaches. The participants will be able not only to compete, but also to enjoy the beautiful views and relax on the Black Sea coast.

Mariupol will also send its young athletes to this qualifying stage. Participation in such a large-scale international event will allow them not only to bring new awards and win impressive achievements, but also to feel themselves a part of the international sports family.

The II qualifying stage of the World Children's Games "Friendship" in Anapa will be a great opportunity for all participants to demonstrate their sporting power in sambo, judo and freestyle wrestling, to communicate with children from other countries, to exchange cultural experience. We are looking forward to this event, which will certainly be memorable and inspiring for all participants.

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